Nail Fungus Treatment 3 Sessions up to 2 Nails

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Toenail fungus is an infection that gets in through cracks in your nail or cuts in your skin. It can make your toenail change color or get thicker. Also, it can hurt. Because toes are often warm and damp, fungus grows well in that environment. Different kinds of fungi and sometimes yeast affect different parts of the nail. Left untreated, an infection could spread to other toenails, skin, or even your fingernails.

Our Laser treatment is a relatively new technology with No side effects were reported, and people who were treated were happy with the procedure.

Is it painful?, How many treatments are necessary?

Most of the time, the patient will need just one or two treatments, and treatment takes only a few minutes. The treatment is not painful, and the patient will be able to walk out of the office after the procedure. New, healthy nails should be visible during the first 3 months, with complete nail replacement in 6 to 9 months.


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